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Here are some words from former program participants: 

"This workshop has been a life changing experience. After struggling 4 years, and on the verge of divorce, we have finally found a way to communicate our feelings and needs. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity."

"I loved this workshop! Excellent therapists and great other couples too. I learned that I really do care about my husband. I was so blocked and hurt so this is a great revelation for me. Thank you again and again!"

"Thanks again for a leading the Hold Me Tight group. It was definitely challenging but very rewarding. Going through the Hold Me Tight conversations with other couples really helped normalize the painful dances we all do. Since the group my wife and I have been able to identify the pattern in our interactions that often lead us into frustration and despair and turn those dialogues into something positive and constructive. As a man who struggles to get in touch with my emotion and has had an impossible time having empathy for my spouse I am finding myself less afraid of the fear within myself, more willing to explore how overwhelmed I feel at times rather then lashing out in anger or shutting down with coldness”  

                                                                                 M.T. (Workshop Participant)

“I felt like it helped me and my partner understand what was happening between us in rough moments and give us a map for how to find out way out."

                                                                                  R.B. (Workshop Participant)

“The Hold Me Tight workshop gave my husband and me a new way of discussing thorny issues. The course helped us to delve deep and identify the causes behind the actions, enabling empathy and compassion to follow. Dr. Lisa Blum and Dr. Silvina Irwin couldn't be better teachers and listeners. I highly recommend the workshop!"

                                                                                  L.H. (Workshop Participant)

“The presentations were very clear and helpful."

                                                                                 Workshop Participant

“Lisa and Silvina were great – they really know EFT and can help guide couples through the program."

                                                                                Workshop Participant 

“I truly value this experience and thank you for your great work. It is all very useful information, and I look forward to keep[ing] on our healing journey. Thank you!"

                                                                                Workshop Participant

“I liked the small group atmosphere and the time the therapists were willing to spend helping us work through the areas we were stuck in… I am so glad to have had the opportunity of exploring these [difficult] areas within a support system"

                                                                                 Workshop Participant