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Is a Couples Workshop Right for Us?

by Lisa Blum and Silvina Irwin on 08/01/16


Many people are hesitant to consider a Hold Me Tight Couples’ Workshop

  • Will I have to share our private business in front of others?
  • How can one weekend help us, if we’ve been struggling for months/years?
  • How do we take what we learn back home and apply it to our everyday life?
  • There’s the cost to consider… will it be worthwhile?

These questions make sense; your love relationship is a very private, very precious part of your life.  You don’t want to wander blindly into just any experience… you need to know it’s right for you,  and will be truly helpful to you, now and in the long-term.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing a couples workshop:

·       How are you working on your relationship now? 

Couples need to have a tried and trusted way of working on struggles in your relationship where you both feel safe, heard, loving and loved, and where you can get to the heart of issues that are troubling you.  If you are seeking that kind of structure, the Hold Me Tight Workshop will provide it.

·       Is this workshop based on sound concepts informed by psychological science, or is it just the most recent fad on better relationships? 

Hold Me Tight® is a nationally-recognized, educational and experiential workshop for couples to enrich, heal, and strengthen their relationship. The workshop follows Dr. Susan Johnson’s best-selling book, Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love.  This book outlines the science behind Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples, one of only a few research-validated approaches to couples therapy, and applies it directly to our common relationship struggles.

·       Are the facilitators experienced? 

Your relationship is precious.  You don’t want to entrust it to anyone.  Drs. Lisa Blum and Silvina Irwin are both licensed psychologists and relationship experts with 30 years of combined experience helping families and couples create more secure, fulfilling relationships.  They have been teaching the Hold Me Tight workshop for more than 5 years to consistently positive and appreciative feedback.

OK, you say, so the workshop will give us a structure for healing and deepening our relationship; it is based on science, with its principles outlined in a best-selling book I can read, taught by experienced and successful facilitators.  But how do I know if this workshop is right for us?

·       Yes, you have privacy.  You learn concepts and important relationship practices together in a group, but you work on your relationship in PRIVATE exercises that you do just with your partner.  Help is available if you need it, confidentially.

·       Yes, one weekend really does make a difference!.  Even if you and your partner have been in cycles of conflict or distance for months or years, this weekend can shift things because you learn a whole new way to understand WHY these negative cycles happen, and how to get out of them.  Hold Me Tight principles don’t just address the symptoms of your struggle – the workshop helps you get to the root of it.  Here are the words of one of our recent participants, who had just this experience:

“This workshop has been a life-changing experience. After struggling for years, and on the verge of divorce, we have finally found a way to communicate our feelings and needs. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity.”

·       You take the workshop home with you, literally.  Every participant gets a full notebook of all the exercises in the weekend, and they are yours to return to any time you need to remember or deepen the good work you did on the retreat.  On the last day of the workshop, we build in time for you and your partner to PLAN how you are going to continue your meaningful work at home, even when the hecticness of daily life returns.

·       The value of the weekend to your relationship may be…. priceless.  Your registration fee for the weekend is all-inclusive, meaning it is for the two of you (not individual), includes lodging for the weekend, materials, guidance and assistance from our facilitators in your private exercise sessions, and several meals and refreshments during the weekend, and a welcome gift.  The value of the workshop is extremely high considering that 14 hours of couples therapy with an experienced therapist would easily cost several thousand dollars.  The weekend retreat, at a fraction of that, takes couples much farther in one weekend than months of individual therapy can.  This is because of the consistency and intensity of work a couple can do in a weekend format, away from the demands and distractions of everyday life.  This is time for JUST the two of you, to focus on each other and reconnect.

We would love to talk with you and answer any other questions you may have. Our next Hold Me Tight Workshop is in beautiful Lake Arrowhead, CA on October 14-16th.   Contact us for more details.

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